Thursday, June 10, 2021
HOMENEWSFG To Enforce Patronage Of Made-in-Nigeria Products

FG To Enforce Patronage Of Made-in-Nigeria Products

FG To Enforce Patronage Of Made-in-Nigeria Products

During a town hall meeting in the capital city Umuahia, The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Mohammed disclosed that the federal government will review the Act establishing the Bureau of Public Procurements to enforce the patronage of made-in-Nigeria goods
by government agencies.

The Minister explained that buying products made in Nigeria would boost the economy in this time of recession, emphasizing patronage of such products is key to the success of the policy.

He said: “Talking about Made-in-Nigeria products, let me use this important national platform to announce that the Federal Executive Council has already approved measures to sensitise Nigerians to patronise such products.

“These measures include the approval given to the Bureau of Public Procurement to increase the patronage of Made-in-Nigeria goods and services through a review of its Act.”
Mohammed said the Nigerian Army was already wearing boots made in Abia State.
“In this regard, I can boldly say that Abia State is a pacesetter. Today, the state supplies high-quality military boots to our military and that is just one of such impressive ventures by the state.
“So, while the state is boosting local production of goods and services, the military is patronising Made-in-Nigeria goods. It’s a symbiotic relationship and there is no better way to give teeth to the economic diversification policy,” he added.


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