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HOME NEWS 22 Girls And Women in Borno Kidnapped By Boko Haram.

22 Girls And Women in Borno Kidnapped By Boko Haram.

22 Girls And Women in Borno Kidnapped By Boko Haram.

Boko Haram Islamists have kidnapped 22 young girls and women in two separate assaults in upper east Nigeria, occupants and vigilantes revealed to AFP Friday. 

In the main assault on Thursday, the jihadists attacked the town of Pulka close outskirt with Cameroon where they
kidnapped 18 young girls. “Boko Haram warriors from Mamman Nur camp landed in pickup vans around 6:00 am and seized 14 young girls age 17 and below while occupants fled into the shrub,” a Pulka people group pioneer told AFP by telephone. 

“They picked four different young girls who were escaping the assault they went over in

the hedge outside the town,” said the group pioneer who approached not to be named because of a paranoid fear of responses.

As indicated by the authority, the assailants were faithful to the group headed by Abu Musab Al-Barnawi, the child of Boko Haram originator Mohammed Yusuf. Barnawi was delegated a year ago by the Islamic State gathering to supplant pioneer Abubakar Shekau, who had swore constancy to the Middle East jihadist aggregate in 2015. 

Another occupant affirmed the attack and said the young girls were probably going to wind up as ladies for the warriors. “They didn’t hurt anybody amid the assault and they made no endeavor to shoot individuals fleeing from the town,” said the occupant. 

In the second episode outside the town of Dumba, near Lake Chad, the jihadists killed a herder who had attempted to escape in the wake of declining to pay insurance cash, said Adamu Ahmed, an individual from an against Boko Haram local army. “At the point when the Boko Haram shooters sought the cash they understood he had left with everything and they chose to follow him on their bikes,” Ahmed said. 

“They got up to speed with him close Dumba where they butchered him and shot dead 50 of his dairy cattle. “They took four ladies from the man’s family and whatever is left of the group,” he said. The advancement of Barnawi had uncovered divisions in the gathering, as Shekau had been reprimanded for mass killings and suicide assaults against regular folks. Barnawi and his right-hand man Mamman Nur, who is viewed as the genuine pioneer, had guaranteed inhabitants in regions under their control would not be hurt the length of they didn’t collaborate with Nigerian troops battling Boko Haram. 

In any case, as of late the Islamist contenders have escalated strikes in ranges close Lake Chad, taking nourishment from occupants. They have additionally slaughtered a few regular people they blamed for collaborating with the military.


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