Meet White Woman Who Changed Her Skin Color Into A Black One, See Why


German model Martina Adam, a white turned black woman, has disclosed in an interview, why she decided to change her white skin complexion to a black one.

Martina Adam in an interview with The Maury Show,  revealed that she has had severe body modifications to look like a black woman including breast implants (she is a size 32S), a nose job, and liposuction.

The Show host Povich asked, “do you think you’re a black person?” Martina immediately responded, “yes.”

 The audience, made up of mostly African-Americans, went wild.
 “But 80 percent,” she quickly rephrased her statement . “I have to learn a lot. I know.” But this year, Big felt another change was needed”

 She had three tanning injections in her stomach to change her skin color. “I am now the proud owner of black skin,” she said Thursday.

She defended her decision as not to gain attention saying: “I am black. That is my race,” she said.

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