CDQ Apologizes For His Reply To BBNaija ex-Housemate, Ifu Enada


Rapper CDQ has publicly apologized to ladies who must have been offended by his clap back to exBBNaija housemate, Ifu Enada. It all started when Ifu was seen in a viral video telling other housemates that she once dated the rapper.

She said she use to give him money meant for her schooling and even ensured he had VIP tickets to events.

Angered by what he calls false accusation, CDQ reacted by stating that he never dated the reality tv star and that she was just a one night stand amidst unprintable names he called her.

Sensing that his statement was misogynistic and unappealing for a public figure, the rapper has decided to apologize, though not to Ifu Enada but to the general public who perhaps felt offended by his choice of words.

Read his apology below. ”Toall the beautiful ladies out there I understand how hurtful my clap-back to Ifu Enanda of Big brother Naija was.
I was just shocked by the fabricated stories she was telling the world while she was on the Big Brother Show.
Mam, God knows we only met once. You did not even know my house neither do I know yours or any of ur family.
So I don’t understand where your drama is coming from.
You don’t take advantage of an artiste with any opportunity u have by fabricating lies because you want to get the world’s attention or pity… We human too and we got feelings.
My reply was to let u understand “You don’t play around fire expecting not to sweat” #Tunechi 🔥 So biko Ifu-Enada Mabinu mami SayMama 😊🙏 Love reigns 💝 Woss ✌”

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