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Forbes Names Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos World’s Richest Man

According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos takes first place, leaving Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in second and third place respectively.

Amazon Boss, Jeff Bezos named world’s richest man by Forbes magazine with a worth of  $112bn.

Bezos surpassed Microsoft boss and ranking rival, Bill Gates, who fell once more into second place with $90bn.

Forbes ascertained that Bezos’ fortune, which is for the most part held in Amazon shares, expanded by 39.2bn dollars over the previous year.

Bill Gates who had topped the Forbes very rich people list for 18 of the most recent 24 years, saw his fortune climbed unassumingly from 86bn to 90bn dollars.

Twelve out of the main 15 wealthiest individuals are from the US, with speculator Warren Buffett in third place (with $84bn) and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in fifth ($71bn).

The world’s wealthiest independent lady is Hong Kong’s Zhou Qunfei, organizer of cell phone screen producer Lens Technology.


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