“I Cry For My Country” – K Brule Replies Sen. Bruce Tweet On Nollywood Movies


Evicted 2018 Big brother Naija housemate K.Brule, has made his opinion known about the state of affairs in the entertainment industry.

The singer went head to head with Senator Ben Bruce over the state of things in the country’s movie industry via his twitter handle.

Senator Bruce had tweeted;

”The movie BlackPanther has just hit the $1 billion mark and is still growing. This is an almost entirely all Black movie. It shows the potential that Black movies have including and especially Nollywood movies. What Black Panther has done, Nollywood can and should do.”

K.Brule, of course, replied saying Black Panther was successful due to the money spent on achieving it.

”No sir they spent hundred of millions making it. our country barely pays actors 10k a day… help us fix our economy. Imagine we invest that 40 something million found i ikoyi in a movie? Im sure the producers would still embezzle. I cry for my country.”

Who else agrees with K.Brule on this?


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