Wife Accused Of Adultery Flogged 100 Times By Husband & Sexually Assaulted By Crowd


A wife was  tied to a tree and allegedly flogged 100 times with a leather belt by her husband following a ‘kangaroo court’ ruling that she was guilty of adultery .

The drama which went down in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh near Delhi in India, saw the unidentified woman beaten unconscious while dozens of men watched on.

The  video shot on a mobile phone shows a saree-clad woman’s hands tied to an overhead branch of a tree while she is beaten with a leather belt by a man in a green shirt and a jacket.

Hauntingly, the woman can be heard screaming in pain after each hit.

She was reportedly sexually assaulted by members of the crowd afterwards while unconscious.
pic2-297x300 pic1a-300x171A large crowd of men can be seen standing in a circle to watch the beating and some of them can even be heard berating the woman.

Local reports allege that the the woman was being beaten by her husband after a “kangaroo court” run by a local village leader found her guilty of adultery.

Police say three people involved in organising the attack, including the woman’s husband and son, have been arrested.

They also said they were investigating 30 other people who had watched the event.

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