My Big Boobs Bring Joy & Pain At The Same Time – Instagram Celebrty, Obianuju


For Nigerian instagram celebrity, Obianuju who became popular on the social media platform and has close to 100,000 followers due to her monstrous twin towers is not a prostitute and neither does she posts provocative pictures. 

Instagram sensation Obianuju is just like every other Nigerian decent girl, but her massive twin towers makes her stand out. Despite always wearing decent clothes in her IG posts, Obi still has so many followers and people can;t but commend on her twin girls. Speaking with Vanguard on the joy and pains of her milk factory Obi says;

“One big problem of having big boobs is the attention you get. People keep staring and that could be very embarrassing. The other one is the backaches and the difficulty of wearing or getting bras that fit your boobs,” she said.

“Getting clothes that fit you properly without your blouse jumping out is another problem. Then, the weight of the boobs. You keep on having bra marks on your shoulders,” she added.

On the bright side, Obianuju admitted that you only feel blessed when you have learnt to fully love yourself the way you are “You feel different from every other woman, like you are unique. You feel blessed. As for your relationship with men, it is almost always negative. Most of them come to you mainly because of the breast, so, it is difficult to tell who truly likes you,” she said.

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