Man Almost Strangled To Death By Massive Python  While Taking Selfie With It (Photos)


A man who was trying to take a selfie with a massive snake has ended up nearly regretting the move. 


The man was trying to take a selfie with the snake before the attack

 A forest ranger had a brush with death when a huge python tried to strangle him after he rescued the snake and posed for a photo with it around his neck.

Sanjoy Dutta was leading a team that saved the 10 metre-long python from a forest in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India. 

After capturing the serpent, Mr Dutta put it over his shoulder while a crowd of people posed for a photograph with him.


 But the forest ranger panicked when the snake tried to wrap itself around his neck and strangle him. 

He raced to loosen the snake’s grip while another rescuer pulled the animal’s tail in a bid to stop it cutting the circulation to the man’s head. 

The brief video footage shows the officer holding the giant reptile wrapped around his shoulder while the crowd cheers at the officer’s courage. 

All of a sudden the snake caught hold of his neck and tried to wrap its body around him.



People rushed to help him

Onlookers started to scream in fear as they watched the reptile attack him.
Underterred by the incident, the officer can then be seen walking in and saying: ‘Leave it nothing will happen.’ 

The python was later released deep inside the forest.

In a similar incident in April this year, a python tried strangling a snake charmer during a snake show in Mau, Uttar Pradesh, India.  


 The snake charmer wrapped an adult python around his neck but the snake tightened its grip and began to strangle him.

The man choked and collapsed showing visible signs of distress in the clip, but many of the crowd thought it was part of the act and didn’t realise the man was in trouble.

He was later admitted to the hospital in the area after three people rescued him from the reptile’s grip. 


Source: Daily Mail UK

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