Video/Photos: Drama As Cheating Married Man & His Landlady Get Stuck In A Kenyan Hotel


A couple in Kitale town,Kenya got stuck while having sex in a hotel room on Friday, 8 June, 2018.

The cheating couple locked themselves up in a room at Baraka Hotel in Kitale town, Kenya and soon after they were heard shouting while begging for help.

According to reports, the man’s wife was in Kitale for business but hails from Lodwar.

The fiery wife informed the police that she noted her landlady went missing every time her husband went to Kitale for business appointments.

The astounding coincidence became her caution light and she suspected there was a thing between the two. She confronted her husband and disclosed all the doubts she had. The wife then opted to seek witch doctor services and the witch used a trap which later transpired in a turn of events.
The business man went to the hotel room not knowing his wife had a plot to bust him. The management of the hotel contacted the police who hurriedly came to carry the ‘couple’ to the police station and the man’s wife then arrived moments later.

A huge crowd had formed by then and the police had to fire shots in the air. The ‘stuck’ couple were then taken to unknown location and were later detached. Lucky them o, they got detached.

Watch video:

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