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Meet Nicki Valentina Rose, Model With A Massive 34NN Boobs…Who Wants Them Bigger

26-year-old glamour model, Nicki Valentina Rose claims she’s got the massive boobs in Britain after spending £40,000 to get a whopping 34NN bust. She has spent a total sum of £68,000 on plastic surgery – including 15 lip fillers and three nose jobs.

But the glamour model, who has to lie on her chest to feel comfortable, is planning to have more ops to make her bust even bigger. Nicki has been warned by medics that her health is at risk – including back pain and chronic tiredness – but she is ignoring advice and wants a 5,000cc (cubic centimetre) breast implant volume.

Meet Nicki Valentina Rose, Model With A Massive 34NN Boobs…Who Wants Them Bigger
Nicki Valentina Rose

The model, from Kensington, West London, said: “It makes me happier when I have big boobs – it’s something I’ve always wanted since I was really young. I’m the only British girl that lives in the UK that has the largest implants and the largest breasts in this country. 

“But they do get in the way of me doing stuff in the car or shaving my armpits. My implants come outwards into my armpits, so I can’t see them when I shave. When I sleep on my back it feels like someone is sitting on me, so I sleep on my front because it’s so much easier and comfortable – it’s like a pregnancy pillow underneath me.”

She added: “I have been warned that it could cause me some serious back issues, so my plastic surgeon tells me to work on my back muscles. My doctor has told me that my body structure is at risk. Doctors say that I will get very tired, very lazy, which will mean I will put a lot of weight on, and that this could result in me getting fat.”

Meet Nicki Valentina Rose, Model With A Massive 34NN Boobs…Who Wants Them Bigger
Nicki first went under the knife aged 21 to increase her 32B breasts and spent £20,000 on nose jobs after being bullied in school. Her dramatic transformation saw her launch her first modelling shoot through Instagram and she is now a full-time glamour model. The model, whose obsession with surgery started after she saw French dancer, actress and singer Lola Ferrari, now wants a bum lift and is considering getting a rib removed.

She said: “I felt like I was plain and simple before the plastic surgery; I was boring and just blended in – I wanted to stand out, just be happy and have more confidence. I get mixed reactions from my friends; some think I’m crazy and some are happy for me because I’m happy.

Meet Nicki Valentina Rose, Model With A Massive 34NN Boobs…Who Wants Them Bigger
“Strangers look shocked by my look because they’ve never seen big boobs, and everyone asks to take a picture – which can be annoying. I always get people staring taking pictures that I can’t even go to the shop without someone wanting to take a picture.

“If you’re unhappy about something and want to change anything about yourself – go do it if it’s going to make you happy but remember beauty truly comes within.”

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