DNA Test Proves Boxer Emmanuel Tagoe 14-Year-Old Son Is Not His


Popular Ghanaian boxing champion, Emmanuel Tagoe just discovered he is not the father of his 14-year-old child he has been taking care of.

He realised this after a DNA was conducted. According to sports journalist, Saddick Adams, who broke the story via Twitter, ‘Gameboy’ had been taking care of the kid, but family dragged him to the court requesting for more money.

He ordered a DNA test and the truth came out.

Gameboy told Atinka TV that he has been shocked and scandalised by DNA test result that proves his 14-year-old son is not his.

Tagoe pushed for the DNA test after the family of the woman dragged him to court to increase money for upkeep.  

The result of which proved he was not the father. “I was very sure that this boy was not mine but my mum had gagged me. We were young when I was playing ‘Pilolo’ with the girl. We were just standing and I had sex with her. I didn’t even ejaculate but her family came home later to say the girl is pregnant for me. The court asked me if I can sue them for damages but I have left everything to God. Everything I gave to the child, I won’t take it back. He deserves it, not the mother.
He further revealed that the family also asked him to send the child to the school where Asamoah Gyan’s children study.

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