Minister Of Health Should Be Sacked For comment on Nigerian medical graduates – Senator Ben Bruce


Senator Ben Bruce Says Minister Of Health Adewole Should Be Sacked For his comment on Nigerian medical graduates .

Senator Ben Bruce has reacted to a statement by Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole that not all media students should become specialists.The Health minister was asked what was doing to do to resolve the issue of doctors have problem getting into residency programmes. .

In answering the question, Minister of Health responded saying “It might sound selfish, but we can all be specialist. Some will be farmerss, some will be politicians. The man who sews my gown is a doctor. He makes the best gown.” .

Ben Bruce writing via twitter said President Muhammadu Buhari should have fired the minister over such statement. According to the lawmaker, there’s enough shortage of doctors in the country and such statement is highly unwelcome. He noted that Nigeria needs more doctors and if the health minister is interested in the agricultural ministry, he should do well to tell his boss.


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