Policemen Flee As Angry Youth Storm Police Station In Anambra


Police officers have deserted a Police station in Anambra after angry youths stormed the station to protest the killing of a motorcyclist by a Police man.

Reports have it that angry Awkuzu youths stormed the Police Station in Oyi, Anambra and it was quite surprising that no police officer was seen at the station.

According to witnesses, the Okada rider was mistakenly killed by the police officers during a patrol in the community yesterday evening.

The death did not go down well with the youths in the community as they mobilised themselves and stormed the police station. Some officers who were on duty – reportedly took to their heels to avoid being caught up in the attack as the villagers overran the station.

Policemen flee as angry youths attack police station in Anambra“It was actually an avoidable death, but life is life and it is very important. No one will be happy to lose a loved one and that is why the youths are protesting” One of the protesters said to reporters.

Following the directive of the state governor, Willie Obiano, to the Honourable Commissioner for Transport, Hon. Uchenna Okafor, peace has been restored in the community.

The commissioner met the angry youths who had already overrun the police station and urged them to calm down as he mentioned that the police officers responsible for the Okada rider’s death will be brought to justice.

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