APC is doomed in Ebonyi state


As 2019 approaches, campaigns and promises are made and renewed but one state is a no go area for APC…Engr Dave umanhi as made PDP a stronghold in the east.

The brooms would soon be thrown out of the Nigerian landscape for good. The broom of witchcraft and charms APC used to deceive Nigerians cannot last another four years. It is a slap on logic and reason for any Nigerian to vote for Buhari! The broom is a scam! So is Buhari!

Forget the hollow outbursts by charlatans armed with smart phones! Forget about the clueless touts with dead brain cells, singing like early morning birds on the social media. Forget about the haters and the wailers. APC will smell doom in 2019 elections. The party is a regression that is terribly detrimental to the soil and soul of Nigeria and must go!

Right now, APC is a crude, empty fragile shell that would crack sooner than later. Its Facebook e-soldiers can continue daydreaming. But the mass burial of the party is upon us. With our PVC, we are going to burn the broom to ashes and retire the expired faces of those broom handlers from active politics!

Ebonyi state can never be an abode for a northern party. It is the PDP stronghold of the South East and DNU will forever remain a horrible nightmare to APC and the political abomination called Ogbuorji. We don’t want Ogbuorji because we can’t endorse analogue ruling in a digital age! In all fairness to his supporters, the man seemed to belong to a different time, a long vanished analogue moment!

The black marketers of the contraband product called Sonni Ogbuorji are under a dizzying spell for thinking in their scorched brain that this man stands a chance. A bad product cannot become best seller overnight! Yes, 2019 is pregnant but it cannot birth a child like Ogbuorji! God forbid! The wheels that rolled over Ebonyi south zone for eight years cannot be allowed near the entire state. But Dave Nweze Umahi?

DNU is the code for prosperity! He envisions his state as a first class economy and is working assidously to steer Ebonyi towards that lofty dream! Engr Dave Umahi is the password for our socio-political liberation in 2019.

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