Daughter of Rwanda president has an amazing height


Ange kame is gorgeous and has an astonishing height, she is considered to be the tallest president daughter in the world, an height more than 6ft tall.

Ange was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1993 and has been exposed to some of the world’s best education, since she started growing up. Her father, Paul who is the 6th and current president of Rwanda has done a good job raising a beautiful family and apparently, beautiful country.


President Kigame who is reputed to have turned the economy of the country around had served as minister of defence and vice president in Rwanda.
Interestingly, Ange is taller than her father and in fact, it is said that her height is one of the most searched things about her. There’s no surprise that most people want to know how tall she is given that she once visited the Obamas with her father and stood out in the photo taken.

Not only does Ange stand out in every room she enters, her beauty and confidence easily endears her to people. The young lady also speaks three languages and studied political science in the university.

Kagame is said to be 6ft, two inches tall and with such height, it comes as no surprise that she has interests in football and basketball.

She is definitely a tall smart and beautiful lady. Some will argue that the beauty belongs on the runway but Ange is more interested in causes that promote development in several areas of the economy and world. She has been involved in causes that include women’s empowerment, education, and poverty eradication, as well as mass vaccination campaigns.

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