Porn Star Sabrina Sabrok Declares Her intention To Have Biggest Fake Bum In The World

Sabrina Sabrok.jpg

Playboy model Sabrina Sabrok says she is set to undergo cosmetic surgery for the 53rd time to make her bum match her enormous chest.

The Pornstar says she wants to have “the biggest fake bum in the world”. The Argentine adult actress dismissed concerns about the damage she may be doing to her body, saying she is more fearful of leaving her home and being hit by a car.
The 42-year-old wants to boost her bum to compensate for her huge boobs and stated that it will be the 53rd time she has gone under the knife.

Sabrok said:
. “I want to have the biggest fake bum in the world and I am about to start the procedure.”

Sabrina will reportedly swap her current 0.66 lbs implants with a 1.43lbs boost in each buttock.

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