Residents Pounce On 63-Year-Old Lecturer Allegedly Caught Raping 6-Year-Old Girl


63 years old was caught red handed while allegedly raping a 6-year-old girl in Bayelsa state

There was pandemonium earlier yesterday after a man believed to be a Bayelsa State College of Arts and Science (BYCAS) lecturer was nabbed by a crowd for defiling a little girl.

According to Mumeya Akpalo, the suspect simply identified as Mr. Oyadonga, a lecturer at the Bayelsa State College of Arts and Science, BYCAS, and a staunch member of The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star – was nabbed while allegedly defiling the underage girl in Yenagoa, the state capital.

The angry Bayelsa residents who nabbed him – descended on him with series of beatings as they tried to strip him naked right there in public for defiling a 6-year old girl.

The suspect was later dragged to the police station for possible prosecution.

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