Ifu Ennada Comes For Ladies Who Get Excited And Scream During Marriage Proposals

According to Reality Tv star, Ifu Ennada a woman should not get too excited when she gets proposed to by her spouse.

It is a known fact that ladies everywhere in the world get very excited when they get proposed to by their spouse. They usually scream out in joy and dance around the place after the man puts the rig on their fingers.

Apparently, Ifu Ennada, a BBNaija star, does not subscribe to the whole drama that ensues during marriage proposals.

Taking shots at women who scream out during marriage proposals, she took to her Insta story to drive home her point.
She wrote: “WTF do some ladies cry or get overly excited when proposed to?

“Girl, he’s not doing you a favour. The way I see, you are giving up a whole lot to make him the one.

“If you’re gonna scream, it should come after he screams because you said yes”

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