Actress Lizzy Gold Reveals She Can Never Marry A Poor Man


Nigerian actress Lizzy Gold has revealed she has zero chill for poor men as she stated she cannot marry someone with a poor financial status.

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold has taken to social media to declare that she has no respect for poor men and so she cannot marry a poor man.

The single mother while baring her mind wrote:

“Ladies pls even if you are financially independent and strong, if you don’t see an average hardworking man or rich man, do not marry… I repeat do not marry a poor man…marriage is not compulsory. Do not allow society pressurise you into marriage… Life is too short to live a sad life”.

In her post, she advised other ladies to stay away from men who cannot fend for themselves, not to talk of taking care of other people.

She wrote:

I ve zero tolerance for poor a legit job hard ve no excuse to be poor.even in the bible it is stated that Man must till the ground .stop been lazy and stop depending on people to survive.. If you dont have money do not get married even my brothers are not exempted from this advice…

She however continued her argument in the comment section with her fans after some countered her opinion. She mentioned that even God will only help those people that are willing to help themselves.

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