Senator Elisha Abbo Released On Bail

abbo assult on woman2.jpg

Senator Elisha Abbo is said to have been released on bail by the Police at FCT Abuja, after he met the bail conditions set, reported Zebra News.

Last night, Senator Elisha Abbo voluntarily submitted himself for interrogation following an invitation from the Commissioner of Police, CP Bala Ciroma over the physical assault of a nursing mother, a staff of a sex toy shop in Abuja.

More than four hours after he arrived at the Police station, the senator was still being interrogated.

The police have been under pressure to proceed with criminal prosecution of the senator, with Nigerians and other rights groups dismissing his apology as insufficient against the gravity of the physical assault that saw the female victim land in a hospital for eye inflammation.

The FCT Police Commissioner, CP Ciroms had told Vanguard that since the interrogation was extending into the night, the outcome of the interrogation will determine if he will be released on bail, noting that the Senator voluntarily submitted himself for interrogation and the offence of assault is a bailable offence. The CP added that if bail is to be granted, it will be done on personal recognition of Elisha Abbo’s status as a Senator of the federal republic noting however that the investigation will be thorough and professionally done especially since it involves the fundamental human rights of a citizen.

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