Sunday, July 11, 2021
HOMENEWSChinese Government has completed the Coronavirus hospital

Chinese Government has completed the Coronavirus hospital

As a result of the rapid spread of the dangerous Coronavirus which required adequate facilities to curtail and manage the disease, China has officially unveiled its first Coronavirus Hospital, The Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Center. The project was completed within 48 hours and involved the conversion of an empty building into a 1000 bed Emergency facility.

It involved a reconnection of the building to the electrical grid, a repartitioning of a number of rooms in the building to increase its capacity to the 1000 bed standard and a supply of world class equipment to be used to monitor and nurse the patients effectively. This facility of course will be assisted by three new facilities being constructed from scratch and scheduled to be completed in the next few days in the cities of Wuhan and Zhengzhou.

Construction is said to be advanced in those three facilities. All of this comes as the Coronavirus cases continue to explode despite China’s efforts to control it with more than a dozen countries confirming cases and at least 106 people confirmed dead in China.


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