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HOMENEWS15 Travel Tips For An NYSC Newbie Preparing For Orientation Camp

15 Travel Tips For An NYSC Newbie Preparing For Orientation Camp

Gather here Otondos To Be and listen carefully–So Nysc registration for orientation camp 2019 Batch B stream II started yesterday 21st of October. So we decided to help this corpers to be have a seamless preparation for their trip to their respective orientation camps as they start an interesting journey in their adult life as a Nigeria.

Here below are the 15 most important things you must take along to camp;

Pocket Money: The question is “How much money do you really need for the NYSC Orientation Course, you will be paid a N1, 500 allowance once you arrive the NYSC camp also you would be paid another N1 for bicycle allowance, Also you would receive your first ALLAWI some days to the end of camp. If you intend to drink and hang out at the Mami market, then you can take more money depending on how much you can finish, be wise though especially if you’re a ladies man you would spend a lot more!, So my advice take nothing less than at least 20k extra cash apart from your transport fare
Leave Early and prepare to pass the night on the road:
Many well-coordinated transport companies leave for their destination as early as 6:am. If you arrive at the bus terminal between 7am or 8 am, you can as well forget about the trip because you will only be unpopular and little known buses will be available. Try as much as possible to leave early and if you are posted to any Northern States like Kano, Kaduna and Sokoto, be prepared to sleep on the road because due to the long journey.
Take a safe/organized not a cheap transport company
Unfortunately, there are many cheap transport companies at the different bus terminal at Yaba, Jibowu or Iddo. You have to be careful with your choice. Ensure that you take the professional and organized ones God Is Good, Cross Country, and Young Shall Grow. They charges may be on the high side but your safety is guaranteed.

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Registration Ends A Before Swearing-In: Registration stops 12-midnight preceding swearing-in day. I advise you to start registration early and join the queue before it gets too long (Always be alert the first few days).
Take A Power Bank Along: Yes take a power bank along because of no charging in the hostel and you would have to power your phone at charging outlets at Maami Market
Prepare To Queue For Everything: Just be prepared to wait in line for EVERYTHING
Take A Pillow and a Bucket With a Bailer Along
Take A “Potty” Along For Ladies: The bathrooms and toilets are nothing to write home about. It is always dirty and terrible in fact if not careful disease could be contacted. Well some corpers had buckets for the sole purpose of relieving themselves with what I can call ‘pit bucket’
Be Prepared For A Below Average Accommodation: The accommodation is always something else. Rooms will likely be jam-packed with little or no space to pass and walk freely. It is possible to have between 30-60 roommates.
Make Smart Hair/ Use Wig More: Ladies try not to go with heavy or synthetic hair to avoid excess heat and time to care for it. You could advisable make short hair to avoid heat and save time.
Go Along With Enough Snacks/Easy to Make Junks: If you are someone who loves to eat good food, or you don’t want to have the mammy feel, no problem just come loaded to camp with provisions. Like cereals and beverages, Garri, biscuits, etc. You should also hold extra cash to eat at the Mammy market, you will get good food there and won’t spend much to eat well, and the price, however, depends on the state to which you have been posted. Most camps don’t have ATM Machines.
Always Put On Your NYSC Cap: Never forget to wear your cap at all times (You Will Serve Punishment for forgetting if caught by the Soldiers)
Be Ready To Be Tolerant: There are different types of human beings in camp (the crazy, spoilt, razz, dirty, complicated, stupid, holy, party, drunk, beautiful, ugly, different tribes etc). Be open-minded and smile at someone. Be active in your Platoon.
There are fellowships for Christians and Muslims: The 3 recognized associations are NCCF (NIGERIAN CHRISTAIN CORPERS FELLOWSHIP), NACC (ANGLICAN) and MCAN (MUSLIM CORPERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA). But there were others like Redeemed, Winners, catholic, Christ embassy and deeper life. So you could make your choice. Also they have morning devotions and weekly service.
Protect And Guide You Meal Ticket Always:You would be given your meal ticket (It might be valuable) Like to collect your allowance in camp.


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