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Block factory worker proposes to his girlfriend

As the saying goes there is someone for everyone. Ask a girl her choice of marriage partner, watch her list out the features of a non living thing.
Many will tell you they need a rich, handsome, tall, out spoken,caring gentleman. And in other not to sound canal, they will now add God fearing.
Many ladies will not accept a poor guy for dating let alone for marriage.
But the case was different for this particular girl, that said yes to her boyfriend who is a bricklayer.
This pictures has raised numerous objection from people, some we’re of the view that the guy is broke and can’t take care of the girl.
Many were of the view that the girl might be the saviour the guy needs for financial breakthrough.
The main thing is having a man that has a future and is hardworking, he will definitely make it, just a little time and understanding from the partner.
This picture has proven that many are actually after love, not the money or material things.


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