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Clean up Nigeria rates Akwa Ibom State as the cleanest State in Nigeria

It was no big surprise to see the land of promise being rated as the cleanest state in the nation. Clean-Up Nigeria has rated Akwa Ibom State as the cleanest state in Nigeria beating the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) by two per cent.
In a statement, Clean-Up Nigeria, said the ratings submitted by the National Technical Study Group (NTSG) showed that Akwa Ibom State scored 68 per cent, followed by Abuja with 66 per cent.
NTSG National Coordinator, Secretary, Ene Baba Owoh, noted that the report covered January 2018 to last December.
According to the report, “In 2019, the Study Group comprised 15 members who were split into seven teams comprising two persons per team for each geo-political zone, while the five international partners and the NTSG carried out verification tours around the nation to monitor and re-evaluate earlier scores submitted by each study team. The team rotated every quarter of the year for the six geo-political zones of the country.”
As the results have shown, Akwa Ibom State in South-south Nigeria has emerged the Cleanest State for last year, while FCT emerge the Cleanest City.
Last year, five states scored were named clean, compared only three states the previous year.
The practice of open defecation in all the thirty-six states of the Federation and FCT is still very alarming and calls for increased knowledge of sanitation and hygiene to meet the MDG-target by 2025, it is noteworthy that the federal government of Nigeria in 2019 signed an MOU to increase both funding and education to combat open defecation. In the month of February Nigeria was declared the number one country in the world that leads in open defecation.

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