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5 benefits of having Sex that you didn’t know!

Lots of people focus on sex as a means of procreation and the negative implications it comes with. Sex is not only pleasurable,did u know it is also good for you, true, the benefit of sex range from slashing stress level to lowring your risk of cancer, so I will advice you to get married and enjoy good sex because am not in support of sex outside marriages. Here are some health benefit of sex:

1. lower blood pressure …are you one of the millions of people who suffer from high blood pressure? Sexx can help u lower it. Many studies have documented a link between intercourse specifically (not masturbation) and lower systolic pressure .

2. Help keep your immune system humming …married couple who have sex regularly have higher level of antibodies that defend their body against germs ,virus and other intruders. Research at Wilkes university in pennsyvania found out that people who regularly have sex have a certain higher level of anti body which prevent them from sickness.

3. Better sleep….your body release oxytocin homone and endorphins during an orgasm ,the combination of this hormones can act sedation ..and this hormones help u get a better sleep and relaxation.

4. Reducing prostrate cancer risk….an early study ,again from 2004 found that high frequency of ejaculation may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

5. Relieving stress……it can also serve as a natural way to relieve stress .the research found that expression of intimacy,weather sexxual or not help to bring cortisol levels in both male and female back within normal range.


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