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4 reasons you should date older ladies

Over the years lots of men seem to settle and find interest with older women than younger ones, considering the rate of insecurity, abuse and violence they both experience with time.

1. Relationship or marriage should be peaceful and tolerating but most youths finds it difficult to tolerate in relationships and those who get married ends up with domestic violence or divorce. This is because no one is willing to take blames, for a relationship to be peaceful, one needs to take the blame even when right or wrong. Young ladies struggle to take blames except one blindly in love.

Most single ladies find it difficult to tolerate or take blames in marriage or relationship, single ladies in their early 20ths find it difficult to respect and tolerate in relationships or marriage till the get to their 30ths, age and desperation to get married now humble and force them to tolerate and respect men.

2. To be happy and enjoy a relationship, single men should be dating older ladies who have no option than to love, care and respect them than the younger ones who demands much and still don’t love or respect truly.

3. The best person to give an advice on marriage should be a man or woman who has been married for years without divorce. Older ladies who has gone through series of heart breaks and needs to settle down are in better position to love and pamper men who comes to them than the younger ones.

4. An experienced lady will show more maturity and care since she knows better how to understand and respect her man. Remember experience is the best teacher. If you are not respected and loved as you want as a young guy, why don’t you date a lady older than you and enjoy true happiness, care and love in marriage or relationship.


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