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Fine girl, use your beauty to serve God, Didi Ekanem advises

Nollywood actress and fashion deisgner, Didi Ekanem has rolled out a memo to fine women asking them to use their beauty to serve God. Ekanem gave reasons why they must… She said;

”Do you ever just wonder why God created you with a special kind of beauty ? A special kind of beauty is a rare gift of beauty. The kind of beauty that commands influence, attention. A self promoting beauty. The kind of beauty that has a voice. Not every woman is gifted with this kind of beauty. Amongst all the beautiful women in the Bible, only 2 women had this kind of beauty…. Sarah and Bethsheba. Sarah was overwhelmingly beautiful. Her beauty made her famous amongst the Egyptians. Everyone who saw her fell in love with her. Her beauty was self promoting.

”Any woman who is gifted with this kind of beauty should understand that you are given the beauty for a kingdom purpose. Stop using your beauty for the wrong reasons. Stop using your beauty for material gains. Stop misusing the gift of your beauty.

”Some of you have rejected God who gave you that beauty. You have rejected His ways. You don’t want to submit to God after all the opportunities your beauty has given you. You won’t even pray or worship God. You have become so busy for the things of God because you are always booked. •

”I tell you, it is very dangerous to have the gift of beauty if you don’t know God and you don’t have humility because everyone will want a piece of you. Beauty has a prize and if you do not know God, that beauty will kill the purpose you are here on earth for. Your body is the temple of God that is why God took His time to decorate you with beauty.

”As a woman, you are very powerful and influential. Your beauty is your power. Use your power to influence men to the kingdom of God and you will be greatly rewarded. Don’t allow satan to use your beauty to sell his kingdom. Use your influence as a woman to glorify God. And I pray that God will help to realise the purpose of your beauty and use it wisely. 🙏”

Fine girl, use your beauty to serve God, Didi Ekanem advises


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