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Nollywood is more racist than white supremacist — Reno Omokri

Number one Buhari tormentor comes for Nollywood as black lives matters and racist protest gains attention all over the world.

Reno Omokri has been calling on Africa’s to keep their culture, and be proud of it. In his recent post on Instagram he drags Nigeria Nollywood industry for painting African culture as Fetish and Evil. He said we hardly project our culture positively.

According to Reno Omokri he said, you will never see a Bollywood movie project India culture the way Nollywood movie African culture. Many of us fell in love with India because of Bollywood movies. But if an India watched a Nollywood movie, he will be afraid of Africa.

Mr Reno Omokri further stated that Hollywood was used by America to market her culture and commerce to the world by glamorizing America. Nollywood on the other hand USB’s being used to demarket Africa to the world by demonizing our culture and commerce.

He also commend Auntie Nkem with Nostalgia, and advice Nollywood to learn from her.

Nollywood is more racist than white supremacist — Reno Omokri

From Reno Omokri article on “Africans, keep your culture and your culture will keep you, He revealed that China and India was colonized but they kept their culture and resisted English. Those who abandoned their Culture will eat leftovers like Vultures. Learn your native African language, speak it, teach it to your children, bear your African name.

He added that, Africans should not go to Europe or America and change their African name to Western name because someone told you it sounds weird. Correct them and tell them your name is exotic, not weird.


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