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HOME ENTERTAINMENT "Leave my breast out of the conversation" — Dorathy to housemates

“Leave my breast out of the conversation” — Dorathy to housemates

Beautiful housemates with much vibes is not only endowed but bold as she warns her collegeau to not mention her huge watermelon in their conversation.

Big Brother Naija season 5 “Lockdown” edition is getting interesting by the day as the show is now in its day 3. However, Earlier today, the housemates got together to bond as they spoke about themselves and shared her life story.

Clearly, the purpose of the discussion was for them to know each other better. During the sharing, session It got to Dorathy’s turn, and she issued a stern warning to the housemates, pleading with them not to talk about her breasts, while she shares her story.

Its seems as though Dorathy she already knew that the housemates will trickle over her chests rather than hearing her speak. “Before I start, nobody should insult my breast, let us just leave my breast out of this conversation”, Dorathy warned.

Dorathy Bachor left jaws hanging when she appeared on our screens. Not only is her personality sassy and fun so far, but her gigantic ‘melons’ have also gotten a lot of people glued to their screens.

The 24-year-old entrepreneur from Lagos who believes ‘she is the only one who should make you smile’ appears to be doing just that as her male fans are already setting their tents in Camp Dorothy.


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